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Black on White Racism: Black teenagers pour gas on white boy,set him on fire


A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head.

The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said.

Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.

“We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.

“They rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open,” Coon told KMBC. “(One of them) poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'”

By lighting the gasoline, the second attacker “produced a large fireball burning the face and hair” of the boy, according to a Kansas City Police Department report obtained by KCTV.


“It was pretty bad stuff,” Detective Stacey Taylor told the TV station, adding that police are concerned the boy may have suffered damage to his eyes and lungs.

Coon said her son put out the fire with his shirt and called 911 himself. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his injuries.

She believes the students also attend East High School with her son, and said he will not be returning to the school. She also told KMBC her traumatized family plans now plans to move.

“My 5-year-old came in and asked me, ‘Mom, am I going to get set on fire today?'” Coon said. “I was in tears.”

via Teenagers poured gasoline on boy walking home from school and set him on fire: cops  – NY Daily News.


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    • BTW dont you dare say i am Racisist by my comment. I have two lovely and loving Black Grandchildren and would never think of calling them a name because of their color.

      • You Go Bill.
        Color has absolutely nothing to do with it. As you have undoubtedly looked at the definition of Nigger.

          • Interesting. Did you also “choose” to use the word Nigger to describe the Columbine Shooters? The Elementary School shooting? Any other shooting where the perpetrator was white? I agree, technically the word is not synonymous with Black skin, but lets face it, in American Culture it has no tighter bond than with Black Americans. The fact that the criminals are reported to be Black DID affect your decision to use the word. To suggest otherwise is being less than honest. It is despicable what these boys did to the poor child and I hope they get the worst the laws can levy against them. I just ask that you not resort to the same mentality that ignorant Blacks tend to when they perceive that racial hatred has reared its ugly head, again.

          • Um Bill Yes it does. The Origins of Negro/niger/nigga/Nigger Is Italian for the Color Black. It is a Myth that Nigger means Ignorant. You may want to Recheck your sources.

          • Nataliya you are incorrect. It is also defined as ignorant on It used to be the #1 definition years ago when I was younger now they have changed it. It is now the #2 definition on Get your facts straight honey before you make an ass of yourself.
            Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

          • To the people responding to your posts saying the true definition of the word Nigger: 2.
            Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.
            That’s from the dictionary… Now of course, they have added all of the extra OMG IT’S SO RACIST crap in there as well, but seriously… who gives a shit… and to Bill, still doesn’t give anyone a right to go around brandishing the word on their posts like a sharp stick… personally I believe that the word should just be changed to mean something COMPLETELY irrelevant so that everyone stops using it, including the idiot rappers who throw it around like a baseball then turn around and get butt hurt for someone else saying it.

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          • no matter what the color be it white, black, yellow, or any other color, the act committed was wrong. just because the people committing the act were in fact black doesn’t mean they are exempt from the racist card. RACISM GOES BOTH WAYS AND IM ASHAMED OF A MEDIA THAT ONLY REPORTS WHAT THEY FEEL IS IMPORTANT JUST TO PROTECT THE FEELINGS OF CERTAIN RACES. IT IS COMPLETE BULL**IT!! BE IT BLACK ON WHITE OR WHIE ON BLACK IT IS WRONG AND NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO TJHE ATTENTION OF THE AMERICAN SHEEPLE!!! YES I SAID SHEEPLE BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO SAY ANYTHING, BUT I AM NOT!

          • In response to Neal..I believe you will find that “black” folks tend to call themselves that when they do something stupid or are mad at each other. I suspect that is where the “white” folks picked it up. But, I think you will find when “white” folks do thing like this they are called “criminals”…when “black” folks do it they are call “discriminated against”. Either way they will probably get away with it because the system works very slow when it comes to being “politically correct”. There would be mobs of black folks lining the streets in protest if it were the other way around.\

      • bill, read his post again,,,he said it doesn’t mean black,,it really means ignorant…im beginning to believe you fit in that slot also.

        • Haha I agree but you have to also think about when the definition came out in the dictionary… Just let everyone use the word. Nothing is an issue until its made one by someone. Anyways this story still needs to heard throughout the nation as do others.

      • Bill I have Black friends. There alawys calling eachother the n word. Sorry you have Black Grankids. I’m not a racist, but a majority of all Blacks dislike white people. They teach there kids to not trust the white man. Alot of Black mob violence on whites has been growing like a frenzey. Now alot of my black friends have blown me off. My best budy told me , “man I can’t hand anymore with you”I’m starting to get hassled by my Black Brothes for hanging with a white dude. F them. f Him! maybe i’ll join the KKK!LOL :-)

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          The fact that you don’t understand basic sentence structure or argument structure leads me to believe that you are how these people are using the n word. Claiming you are not racist but then apologizing that someone has black grandkids and making a blanket statement about all black people is just the most ass backwards thing I have ever read. Even joking about joining an organization fueled by hate, as the KKK is, is an awful thing. I honestly hope you are have never had the ability to procreate, for the benefit of this world as a whole.

          **Unless you are just an incredibly convincing troll but I think not.

    • Surely we shouldn’t think that this was a random act of violence.What did her son do to the boys.All facts need to be known.The violence and pain should have avoided,but in order to make a strong value judgement,there needs to be more History from both sides.However because of their action the two boys whom the victom must know,are just guilty no matter what.Kids are like that these days.If you correct them they retaliate,they will get you back.

      • yep its always what some white boy did to the black boys… that’s funny but if a white person would do the same to a black person then it would be the black person never did anything to the white person it would be considered race hate… you people have to get over that shit… It was a proven fact several universities have done poles and found blacks are more racist than white people… go figure yeah that’s right blacks more racist than whites…

        • People the Rev Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have preached a sense of entitlement to the black community and they (some) think they are entitled to do as they please. Rev Al Sharpton is the worst racist creator there is. And the government likes it when we fight among ourselves, that way we aren’t paying attention to how the rich creeps in Washington are stabbing us all the back!!

          • Samuel?? Could’t be a random act of violence? We need more history first? What did he do to them?? Well, he sure as hell didn’t set them on FIRE!! And two 16 year olds against a 13 year old?? There is no justifiable excuse for this behavior!! And, if I’m not mistaken, I just read that these boys stated they did this due to their feelings about the Trayvon Martin case!! The jury is out as I comment and I hope Zimmerman is charged with murder for ending this young boys life, however, while I believe he was racist in his actions, this case has just as much, if not more, to do with GUN activists as Trayvon’s murder.

        • I still don’t understand why it’s OK for blacks to sling the ‘N’ word around with impunity, but the moment a white person utters the ‘N’ word, everyone starts screaming racism…..this country is going down the drain because of double standards like this….

        • I agree!!! I am so sick and tired of the black people hollering racist to the white people but if they are being racist its different…. THATS ALL BULL COCKY!!!! IF you act like one be expected to be called one…. be it white or black. GET OVER THE N WORD THEY ALL SAY IT AND ITS OK FOR THEM BUT THE WHITE PERSON CAN’T DO THAT. One day you all will be judged by God and no other.

      • Are you serious? You are seriously going to blame the victim? He must have what? What could he have done that would deserve having his life threatened by burning by 2 other boys? YOU and people like you are a problem in this country.

        • She has a point. We don’t know both sides of the story. We don’t want to think about the possibilities of the victim picking on the two other boys to incite the horrible act they committed. It is possible.

          • Both sides f the story? Even if the boy picked on them, it doesn’t give them the right to team up and set him on fire. That’s attempted murder no matter how you slice it. For what? Hurt feelings? Maybe? What is this boy ddnt do anything? We NEED to stop absolving people of their actions because they had it hard. We ALL have a difficult life at times .. suck it up and put your big boy pants on. They need to be tried as adults for attempted murder. Period.

          • We don’t want to think about what the VICTIM did to inciite these boys’ violent acts? Nothing he could have done warranted being set on fire and left to die!! Perhaps, you don’t want to think about the fact that he did nothing at all!! You should meet Samuel……you guys belong together!!

        • I completely agree with you, DB. Using the N-word liberally and making this as an example of backward justice is absurd. These were two kids who used racism against African Americans as justification for the violence they inflicted upon that innocent child. (It would be the same if their nationalities and colors of their skin were reversed.) Hate crimes are the same, whether there be a Caucasian victim or an African American victim.

          Their appallingly poor grammar/spelling doesn’t help their case either: it just makes them sound even more ignorant. They are clearly racist, no matter how much they say they aren’t. Their comments say it all.

          • I’m sick and tired of hearing”African-American”! My father and grandmother were born in another country. I demand to be called”Austrian-American” from now forward!

      • “…we shouldn’t think that this was a random act of violence.”
        Why not? The only published factor keeping it from being random is that a “White boy” was targeted. The verbiage could apply generically. “Deserved” is wildly subjective.

        “What did her son do to the boys.”

        I’d also be interested in knowing exactly what merits being dowsed with gas and ignited. If you’re an old school “eye for an eye” kinda person, if the “white boy” dowsed someone in gas and ignited them, they are even. However, the law is not as such. The legal system provides for a certain remedy arising from criminal behavior.

        Still, it would be interesting to see what they think justified the attempted immolation. Taking “their” seat in school, talking to someone’s girlfriend, etc.

        Bottom line, this psychopathic behavior is only cured by one thing. Unfortunately, it’s not a legally provided remedy in this case.

      • maybe the boy wasn’t doing anything except minding his own business, hell the blacks hate whites as much as the muslams do. I don’t care what anyone does! setting someone on fire is not how to handle it and 2 on 1 that’s cowardly and as for history pick up a history book and read about slavery and there is your answer. they are never going to let that subject die a bunch of pathetic losers
        teaching kids to hate.

        • When I was 9 years old I was jumped by 4 africans
          because they wanted my ice cream cone. I dropped and stomped on it and said it’s yours! And they beat me silly, but they did not get my cone!!!!
          And the police said boys will be boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

        • “MUSLIMS” I knew that group would be thrown in, The Jewish Talmud HATES ALL races “EVEN THE BEST OF GENTILES SHOULD BE KILLED” Why don’t you focus on the Real enemy of mankind!!

          • Incidentally Jews brought the Black Slaves HERE. They owned the Slave Ships and conducted the Slave trade, Charleston SC, Newport RI etc Wake Up and read the real History!

      • Samuel Zachery what could he have done to “deserve” to be set on fire? Plus you are making an assumption and an excuse for the perpetrators.

        • so they had gas and a lighter seems to me the intent was to go get the white kid, that took planing and not a spur of the minuet attack. this was not random it was a deliberate thought out attack, well in advance. kids need a good spanking well way to late to correct their attitudes regarding others now so the state will have to do it. shame something that cold be fixed with a simple swat to the butt when they were 6-7 years old. welcome to your “new society”

      • Are you an idiot? This is the kind of fuzzy thinking that is exemplified by the very behavior of these little predators. An outrage is perpetrated on a child and all you can do is dither? WAKE UP!

        • he beat the crap out of him,,,have you seen the pictures…of both,,only one has his head beat in, and only one was on dope.

          • DUH?? He beat the crap out of him? Zimmerman was hit in the nose, had a very small amount of blood and had a couple of scrapes on his head where he “‘wiggled off the sidewalk”. Not at all an excuse for murder!!

            BTW….the truth is out…….
            And it proves he lied by his own statements!!
            ZIMMERMAN ….another reason why some folks shouldn’t own guns!

      • They are 3 yrs older & two of them against one !!! I seriously doubt anything this 13 yr old was bad enough to warrant setting him on fire !!
        These two are thugs (punks) and need to be behind bars so they can’t hurt anyone else !!! Yes based on the info … it seems to be a hate crime !!

      • Don’t know what a 13 year old did to deserve a burning at the hands two 16 year old punk ass thugs, but I wish they would try that shit with a grown man such as myself. This would have turned into a double homicide investigation.

      • Facts? Are you serious or stupid? What difference does it make? Did that kid chase THEM down, pour gasoline on them AND set them on fire? I’m sorry, but YOU are an IDIOT! !!

        • Thank you….apparently some of these morons just don’t get it….only a true mook would defend these worthless thugs!! This guy is a moron!!!

      • There is no excuse for this. This was a hate crime the minute those boys said white boy. What is wrong with kids these days. Is people like you who want to blame the victim. Does a Woman who gets raped ask for it. No

      • So what should we do than? Let little pukes like this get away with it? How can you sit there and say its the victim’s fault? What could the poor guy have done to deserve that? Its always something the white kid did to the black kid. Always the white kids fault. I mean, what did he do? Get better grades than them? Be better at bassketball or track? Give me a break. You really need to reevaluate the way you think. Its people like YOU that make the victims afraid to stand up and say that something happened 5o them. Poeple like YOU that make children afraid to say theyve been hurt. Let me guess, youre one of those poeple that believe “its time for the victims to man up and deal with it or shut up and quit whinning?” I seriously hope you do not have children. If you honestly believe the b.s. you put on here, all youre doing is perpetuating the vicious cycle of bullying and abuse.

        • Our political correct media has perpetrated this BS of the black always being right and the white always being wrong. The media is part of the problem, I believe the media creates a lot of the hate mongering we have in this country.
          And the government likes it when we we fight among ourselves, as when we take the time to read all this (this= the Zimmerman case, Paula Dean, etc.) we are not paying attention to the RICH guys in Washington D.C. who are screwing all of us regardless of our color!!

      • What could that boy have done to justify 2 16 year old boys setting him on fire. I hope they burn in hell for it. Evil monsters.


      • Samuel, please enlighten us as to what justification can be used to set a 13 year old on fire. That you even can conceive of a defensible position of what these savages did to another child only illustrates you own savagery. Bravo sir…. bravo.

      • You are a moron and I am sure you are an Obama lover with that kind of reasoning. If it was two 16 year old white kids that chased down and burned a 13 year old black boy would you be saying the same thing? I think not. You are a POS and the exact reason this country is so screwed up. Get a clue fool or better yet do us all a favor and just hang yourself… you must be miserable with thoughts like this.

        It is NOT ok for ANY race to act like this on another race or their own. It never has been and it never will be. You have just lowered yourself to the level of the slave traders who, by the way, were black. Blacks went into the jungles of Africa, captured and SOLD their own people but yet the whites are still at fault and by your thinking we are all now getting what we deserve… go figure.

        • Richard, While I agree Samuel’s remark is despicable, so are yours!! Just because he’s an idiot you assume he is an “Obama lover”? You have just lowered YOURSELF much lower than that of which you speak about him!
          Don’t assume everyone who agrees with our President be a racist!

      • In other words, Samuel, what one big bully 13 year old boy did to two tiny 16 year old innocent black toddlers could justify a willful action of wanton dousing of gasoline on him and then setting him on fire. Way to go fella! That makes a lot of sense???

      • I don’t care what he did to them, they are not in the hospital. If you are saying they 2 against 1 retaliated for something that white boy did to them then let the retaliation be on the same level of what he did. He possibly lost his eyesite and will have breathing problems for the rest of his life as well as loss of hair and possibly a lot of surgeries to correct any facial and skin damage done. Poor little 16 year olds because they are black you are saying what did the white boy do to them get real!!!!!!!!!!

      • White boy was 13…Black boys 16. Give me a break, what chance in hell did the white boy have. Two 16 yr olds against a lone 13 yr old..Picture that if you are able.

      • Samuel, Are you serious? You know this kid didn’t do anything or say anything to warrant being caught on fire you bone head. Some kids don’t need a reason to go sfter someone. Especially if they are weaker or alone. And tell me, what the hell where they doing carrying around a can of gasoline for but to do something evil like they did. Wake up.

      • REGARDLESS if the white kid called them both lazy, no good pieces of shit, how many people carry around gasoline? This was PRE MEDITATED ATTEMPTED MURDER, and both of these punks should be put on death row.

      • You never hear of black on white crime do you??? NOPE, the media buries it. It happens all the time. I lived in LA so I know about the black on white crime first hand. George Zimmerman is half white half Hispanic yet they call him white even though his great grandfather was black. BO is half white half black yet they call him black. Sure makes sense to me (eyes rolling). What could a person do to someone so bad that they throw gasoline on them and set them on fire? Two 16 year old teens ambushing a 13 year old. I hope they catch them and throw the book at those teens. Not juvenile court PRISON.

      • So you mean to tell me when a woman is raped we should ask her what she did to provoke the rapist…….. NO! You don’t. What can a 13 year old boy to to provoke a couple of 16 year old boys? Those 16 year old boys are practically adults!

      • You’re joking, right? The white kid did something to deserve this…expect retaliation?! Wow…people who think like you are the source of the problem!

        • NO YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. In our schools today a child cannot get an education because of Kids like the two in this story. I am tired of Blacks calling any little thing a right to retaliation. I’ve lived in KKK country and had black friends so I know both sided, maybe you should look at the crime and not the color of the skin.

      • It does not matter what her son did. Setting someone on fire is criminal and should be charged as ATTEMPTED MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE. Period, forget about all of this racists shit and look at the crime. As far as I am concerned I would be packing just for a shot at the kids.

      • OMG Samuel, Are you serious. What in the world could that 13 year old boy have done to those 16 year old boys that would make this act of rage acceptable or excusable? They all appeared to be walking, talking, having free will to make choices…I can’t believe you actually wrote that statement. You must be one of those men who justify beatings because you don’t like something someone says. Many of these comments surprise me and making it a racial issue annoys me but your comment just sets me on fire. How dare you excuse this type of deliberate act as acceptable under any situation. OMG, I can’t believe you actually put that in writing for everyone to see.

      • Samuel?? Could’t be a random act of violence? We need more history first? What did he do to them?? Well, he sure as hell didn’t set them on FIRE!! And two 16 year olds against a 13 year old?? There is no justifiable excuse for this behavior!! And, if I’m not mistaken, I just read that these boys stated they did this due to their feelings about the Trayvon Martin case!! The jury is out as I comment and I hope Zimmerman is charged with murder for ending this young boys life, however, while I believe he was racist in his actions, this case has just as much, if not more, to do with GUN activists as Trayvon’s murder.

    • you tell them..i am so sick and tried of the black on white crime and nothing is said or done….. if the read they well learn they were no the frist that was sold … help there own race stold them..

    • Bill, the word Nigger is not a description of a black people and also it doesn’t mean “ignorant!!!”. The word came from the race definition: there are five major world’s race divisions: the Caucasoid race, Mongoloid race, Negroid race, American Indian race, and Malayan race. The word “nigger” comes from the definition describing people belonging to Negroid race. In some languages (mostly Slavic) the word “negr” (a different pronunciation of English word “nigger”) is just a normal word that is not used to make black people feel bad. To me, coming from that part of the world, it seems so silly to make “a word” responsible for anything and unpronounceable . Of course, words can hurt and there are words that are considered “bad” words, but this one is not one of them. The word was (and still is) used openly in books, newspapers, etc. in many parts of the world without any bad intentions.

      • Either way those two are Niggers. and if you look it up in a couple other dictionaries, it means Ignorant, Degenerent, and slang in bad terminology for Dark Skinned. as well as many other diction inturpretations. However, I choose to use Ignorant as my choice.

      • noun
        Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
        a black person.
        a member of any dark-skinned people.
        Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.
        a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

        So YES, it does mean IGNORANT.

        • according to Websters (1976)& earlier editions incl wooden (how to manuals on ‘owning niggers) it “nigger” meant: anyone who does MANUAL LABOR, labor too demeaning for society, ie., cleaning latrines etc. Maybe some should not rely on slang, or today’s version of…
          ex; Uranis? used to be pronounced u’r an us I suppose ppl r just too ignorant now.

    • Actually I think the definition is: nigger: shiftless and lazy person. Slave owners were calling their slaves lazy while at the same time reminding them of their position as slaves.

    • 1: Then why not just say ignorant.
      2: There is no such thing as black-on-white racism, reverse racism or anything as stupid sounding as that. It is all racism…PERIOD! Regardless of who the offender or offended it. People need to stop over-labeling things. It’s all racism and it’s all stupid.

    • These boys are not names these boys have just been raised by their parents/school/society…to become inhumane…they are little animals….no other word describes it…just like Muslims are raised to hate….atheists….raised to hate….socialists raised to hate…..communists raised to hate….they feel society “owes” them and yes they feel because of the color of their skin the media or nobody will pay attention to them so they can do and get away with ANYTHING!!!! We live in an anything goes society….so lets just change to rules of marraige….butcher unbornn babies….tear down the ten commandments and tell everyone if they dare to hope there is something better beyond this life they will be prosecuted….what a world we areleaving behind us…the hippie-yippie-urban/suburban mememememememememe ME nasty bunch of people we have become….WE did this to our children….aren’t we PROUD????????

      • Wow! Atheists are raised to hate? Really? That’s the stupidest bullshit I’ve ever heard! Atheism is usually a conscious choice made when we realize there is no big guy in the sky watching us, judging us. I’m an atheist and don’t hate anyone. I was catholic till the age of reason.

    • Wow yet this has not hit the news as big as when its whites doing something. These 2 need gas thrown on them and lit on fire.

      • Since Obama has been in power, these niggers think they can get away with anything and everything, they feel more powerful and have grown balls, let’s cut them all off and stop their reproduction lol

    • Regarding “Nigger:” It is a word, which for those of you that don’t know, is an American racist term derived from the Latin word niger (black) FYI: the nominative conjunction of which is niger nigra nigrum nigrī nigrae nigra. Touche’ my ignorant friend!

    • You see everyone on here that is posting something has lost sight of the real crime and focused on the color of the victims and suspects skin. I believe it should be looked at for what it was a horrible God less crime. Its the same thing that the media has done with this Zimmerman Martin trial. Race should have never been a issue it should have been looked at as a man who shot another and claimed self defense. Thats it

    • Actually you’re wrong. It comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word Negro, meaning black. Also the Latin Niger. Also meaning black. Look it up. However it wasn’t always used in a pejorative manner. In the beginning it was simply descriptive.

    • Funny watching you so righteously pretend the word “Nigger” would ever be used against anyone other than a black person.

      Before you call me one… I’m white ;)


  • anyone who would do something like this is a very, very sick, sadistic individual. while i realize that there are racial attacks on blacks, to do something like this makes blacks racists too. al sharpton and jesse jackson probably won`t be there protesting because it was blacks committing the crime; but all that does is to make sharpton and jackson racists too. if one is truly anti-racist, then he/she must be against ANY and ALL racist acts regardless of who does them. if the two perps were my kids and i learned they did something like this, i would call the police myself.

    • I was poisoned by a Cambodian or Vietkong imagrant.He is the worst racist I’ve ever seen.The sick part about it is.The White people seem to think that he do what ever he wants to anyone and they should just let it go.I ended up in a Coma from what he did.I reportrd it to The Police but it seems that there is a cover up going on about it.My family has been threatened and I have huge Doctor bills that I can’t pay because I can’t work.You can be gaurenteed that I did nothing to this this Demon accept do my job exactly how I’ve done it for years.This what I call The New Racism.He calls himself White Trash,yet he still thinks he’s better than black people.He is arogant about it like like the older whites in The Deep South.The sorry thing about it is that The Whites seem to be behind him,This is The New Racism at its core.I’m still looking for an Attourney and have all kinds of evidence.

      • if you have evidence, you will not have any trouble getting a attorney, IF you have it.,,,,,you have not looked very hard if your still looking,,,,or your lying. one of the two

    • Amen Chuck!! You never will hear from the network media on situations like this. Any kind of race crime is wrong and it matters not what race i involved. God created all men as equal! But the media plays as if there are only two races: black and white! And they do all they can to stir the one against the other. Fair and balanced news media? Where are you?

    • There will be none. Just reading the remarks here alone are unbelievable. What is happening to our Country is sad and evil at best. People ask what the boy done to get doused with gas. I ask what could he have done that would have given anyone that right. Why do people so quickly make excuses for the black kid and assume the white kid deserved it. Sad and very sickening…. They should be punished and treated just like any other hoodlum…. I am so sick of the race baiting and racism. Not all Blacks are bad and not all whites are bad but some just wallow in self pity. God Bless this child and I hope the 2 get what is coming. But one thing is for sure they will answer to Almighty God!!!!

  • Zimmerman doesn’t have to walk free in order for the negro race to show hatred and stupidity. Let’s see if J. Jackson and A. Sharpton will support this white kid. If they don’t, then you’ll know what I mean in my first sentence.

    • George should get his just reward for this killing,but teh people need to let The Law take its cource.This a big problem in Society.The Outrage was because of fear that Zimmerman would go unpunished,he will.let it end at that.Prison doese’nt really change a person in a positive way.It just scares some into changeing some of their bad habits.Some it just makes worst and shows them how to hide it.Rehabilatation is one’s own job,but can they get through without takeing on more Demons that than not.Geore must make reperaton for his sins against God through Jesus Christ,but Man has no mercy.He has to deal with that to.LOrd help him,its the only thing that really can.

      • Who are you to say George sinned? You can’t even spell, so I doubt you have the mental clarity to discern or claim that George needs to repent or whatever. Maybe he was defending himself and he does have any sins weighing him down. The “fear” in society pertains to the implications of this case. For some reason, the race-baiting case of George v. Trayvon was brought by the media to be the most significant thing since sliced bread, when those who have brains know that there are far more horrible things going on in the world. It is about separation of the masses. The people who buy into the taking sides (same as the Democrat v. Republican agenda) are the ones who are destroying the country. That would be you my “friend.” Open up your eyes to both sides of the case. No one knows what happened the night that George shot Trayvon so no person is qualified to provide an opinion or assurance about what happened.

      • I seen on the news lastnite that Zimmerman had over a dozen offers from law enforcements to come see him for job interviews after the trial. At least he wont have any problems seeking unemployment after all the media coverage hes getting.

    • The kid that was set on fire he wasn’t black that’s whyit’s not posted all over the news.pull that shit with my kids there will be no jury to judge the faith of the kids that did that to my kids it won’t make it that far

  • I agree with all the comments said here i hate when black people blame all white people for what happened back in the day now i understand there r some racest white people still and i dont agree with that either but these two idiots aré Just as bad as the kkk

  • It’s unfortunate that it’s only the minority of blacks that are causing the trouble and the rest don’t speak out against it. If the majority of black people would publicly condemn the violence and trouble making of the minority that’s getting in the news over it…then perhapse the rest of us wouldn’t lump them all in the same category. I know alot of decent black people who would never even think about doing this kind of thing. But because they don’t publicly condemn the bullshit of the minority, they grant their approval by their silence. I would be saying the same thing if it were white kids doing this and the majority of white people remained silent. It isn’t a race thing. If you don’t speak out against something then you’re granting it your approval by your silence….reguardless of skin color.

    • Bill Cosby did speak out about it at a NAACP convention in phil. pa. and was booed for it and called a uncle tom..

  • Only one race can call racism and start a huge protest but any other races its called a hate crime and no t t one of the racist will stand up against their own racist antics im beginnin to believe the ones who cry racism r actually racist theirselves

  • Since begening of time racism egxisted no matter how you called african american they are still niggers and will die that way lot of the feel they are treated as slaves as it was back in the time the came a long way since then they were given their freedom and opportunity as a white men some succeed it some don’t but in their heart deeply engraved the hate of the white men.And that is still exist to this day. Only a war between a white and niggers will solve this one. It will be an appacalips

    • It is better if you sit in the class and let us think that you are DUMB and STUPID than opening you big FOOLISH mouth and proving us right.
      Luckily we know that you do not speak for the majority of the population who are now cringing with horror at you abject BACKWARDNESS.
      Shut up and do not speak publicly again.

  • When will those criminals realize that ‘what goes around comes around, but if it goes that way, who but the colored people
    will go berserk and bho and hol will be at the forefront and attacking any non colored person. IMPEACH The lot…Now and reestablish the Rule of Law, for all!!!

  • You white people want to wake up anytime soon, or you want to wait until it’s YOUR kid who gets doused with gas and set on fire?

  • i have a remody for every race that does stuff like this..if itis a hate crime then they deserv to be removed from the planet to make room for the ones that dont live this way… i dont care what race.. remove all of them.. a hate crime is just that and somone so full of hate or groups so full of it need to be removed.. i dont care black white asian indian. christan muslam baptist … remove them from hear and the problems will start to correct them selfs..

  • And not a whisper of this in the national media. Hey, ya’ ever think that maybe they’re trying to MANIPULATE YOU? Nahhhh, they’re to nice for that.

  • The kid that was set on fire he wasn’t black that’s whyit’s not posted all over the news.pull that shit with my kids there will be no jury to judge the faith of the kids that did that to my kids it won’t make it that far

  • You must realize 2 16 year olds are 3 years older and should be more mature than this . This is nothing more than ignorant meaness and viciousness. And of course it is not publisized. Where is the outrage for this 13 year old. Oh that’s right he is white not black or muslim.

  • I hope they stay long enough for him to show who those 2 are and would like to let them know that there are not enough black’s to keep this up !

  • You all are there ranting about who is wrong or who is right.Hate crimes are a blot on your country’s conscience given that you are all over the world bringing “democracy” to everyone.
    You all must find a way to make everyone in America live the American Dream. Black White, Blue or Yellow you all are one people.It just burns me up to hear and see you all at each others throat about petty stuff.
    Wewill not ever condone violence against another person no matter what color the person is.

  • Racism is racism, why is it referred to reverse racism? Racism is showing preference for one over another based on the color of their skin, national origin or even religion. Racism is an evil based on ignorance that leads to the most base behaviors man can exhibit. A willingness to be informed is the only way to overcome this hatred. God teaches us to love one another as ourselves. We need to put it into practice.

  • Wait until Zimmerman is acquitted for shooting the little thug Trayvon. There will be massive riots. They have been waiting for an excuse to burn and loot. Sometime in the next week, you better be aware of your locale.

  • Apparently with all the crimes committed by black people against whites, it is open season on whitey. Fight back white people, show these ghetto hoods who is really in charge. Africa is all f##ked up because of blacks being barbaric uneducated monkeys, why should we stand for it here?

  • Where’s the outrage on this? Where’s Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Where’s the media and the big story with regards to this? What a bunch of hypocrites these people’s are!

  • Many people on here have said send the 16 year olds to jail. The two perpetrators will be painted as victims of racial inequality, coming from broken homes etc by the likes of Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton and the like( if the media even bothers to talk about this event). The victim will become a nameless back drop obscured by political showboating and calls by the left for understanding and pseudo equality for the poor misguided children who no doubt if the president had two sons, they would look like these two little monsters

  • This should be all over the news but it won’t be because it is Black on White violence which is swept under the rug all of the time. There is black on White crime so often that it is just called crime……..why is that. Finally when a White guy does something it is always on the news……..White guys are at Work while all of the Crimes are committed or they are sleeping from a hard days work- that is the true- EAT IT.

  • well, is it not ironic that those assholes rev Sharpton and rev Jackson are not at the head of the line like they were for trayvon martin. it is ok to set a WHITE boy on fire but for George Zimmerman to defend against martin lets get out the marchers.this is what is wrong with the WHITE COMMUNITY, we don’t have a person to get the white person of their ass to march and claim that what happened to this poor Coon boy.if that was a negro that got set on fire Sharpton and Jackson would be on the plane to Kansas.we white folks will never wake the hell up and get of our ass and defend against the likes of these people

  • This is from over a year ago, which doesn’t make it being ignored by the media initially any less relevant, but I am curious if there was ever any progress in the case. Or if a case was even opened.

  • I think we all nee to slow down here a minute. Use the brain instead of the heart!! I share the thought as to did the victim incite the attack?? Again this news story only presents the one side of the story. Just because he is white does that make him infallible? How do we know the victim isn’t a smart a** little brat!? Anything is possible??
    I for one would like to know both sides of the story. If the act was committed “just because” then yes fry the little creeps! Because of what they did NOT because they are black.
    And I still say the damn stinking political correct media is part of the problem in this country!! Along with the Rev Al Sharpton. ANd the jerks in Washington D.C.!! If we are fighting among ourselves over things like this that means we are NOT paying attention to what the political whores are doing to all of us regardless of our color!! Stabbing us in the liver!! The political whores love it when we fight over things like this and don’t pay any attention to what our government is doing to us!!

  • This story is over a year old, so even if the propaganda machine that is the mainstream media were so inclined to talk about it, they wouldn’t be doing it now.

    As a related aside, this happened way before the Zimmerman case.

    I hope the boy is alright today.

  • Rule number 7. When you throw a rock into the pigpen, you can be fairly sure the one that squeals the loudest is the one that got hit.

  • @Barbara…are you really freaking serious? You wonder what the victim did to deserve this? You question whether or not he was a “smartass little brat”? If he was, do you really think he deserved being set on fire? OMG…you are part of the problem!!!

  • Everyone else is already expressing their outrage. So I am going to add a levity to this situation. Define Irony… 2 coons targeted a Coon in what is being labeled a hate crime.

  • I Grew Up In A Primarily Black Neighborhood. I Remember Being Chased Down Because Of Nothing More Than Being White. My Brother And I Got Beat Up On Up Until OUr Teenage Years When We Started Fighting Back. So This Kid Didn’t Have To Do Anything. It Could Have Been A Gang Initiation.Could Have Been A Number Of Things.

  • If it were to white kids that set a black kid on fire circimstances would not matter,it would be instantly called a hate crime.In the famous words of Hellory Clinton “What Difference does it Make” what this kid may have done to them pieces of low life,good for nothing,thuggish pieces of trash.He was 13 for God sake,they were 16,use some common sense please,how hard is it.Where is the media for this child,oh he’s not black now I get it.Those 2 dirtbags will get whats coming to them.And don’t be confused here because there is no reason to be,those 2 waiste of spaces did this because there racist,period end of story.

  • And AGAIN, the entire issue of “race” has become the focus! The fact of the matter is whether you’re white, black or green, hate doesn’t recognize color! This was HATE pure and simple. Make all the excuses you want. The fact that racism seems to only flow one way in the media is no surprise and quite disturbing. But really nothing has changed! We have words we can’t use, things we can’t do and accusations that have NOTHING to do with us personally! I’m white, live in a decent neighborhood and work my butt off to stay there! My ancestors were common farmers, laborers, POOR! We didn’t own slaves! You don’t want to be judged, DON’T JUDGE! The double standard is freakin OLD! This child didn’t deserve what happened to him, white or black and personally the ones guilty should be punished to the same degree! And I’d be saying this if it was two white A-Holes doing it to a black boy! If my opinions and lifestyle and COLOR make me a racist – then so be it! You wanna label me by YOUR standard…..I can deal with that, but it won’t shut me up when you yell your hate at me!

  • Regardless, this is some bull… I see people talking about “what if it’s payback for something” and stuff… Now, I could be considered a little sadistic for some of my thoughts on punishments, but hell, a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY… what on Earth could he have POSSIBLY done to get set on fire? Short of murdering the other kids family, nothing… So all in all, these 2 imbeciles need to be caught and set on fire themselves I think…

  • WHERE is Jesse Jackson, Obama, Al Sharpton? Where are the RACISM cries??? Do you mean they only care about racism against blacks? WHERE IS THE OUTCRY by these hypocrites?

  • And they call the White man racist, far as I am concerned they are nigger cowards and just a waste of space. and people wonder why we have the Klan, this poor kid wasn’t bothering anyone and look what happened to him. The only good nigger is a dead one, I would love to get my hands on the two cowards that did this.

  • Who cares what color they are. Both kids need their asses cracked a few times when they act like that so they don’t do it again. Even animals correct their young with a swat. They acted like animals anyway. Caning sounds like a fantastic reason to behave oneself in public. Its just to bad we find it more humane to allow our children to hurt each other worse instead.

  • I worked with kids for many years and I would hear minority kids calling each other nigger and also white kids but if the white kids retaliated they were then called racists and beat up on or shot. The biggest racists problems is in the black communities depending on how light or dark their skin is. Racism starts in the home. It is a word that triggers every excuse to cause riots and other troubles. I wish rappers would quit using the word nigger in their songs and keeping people inflamed. It is a word that needs to die away!
    The news media is the biggest problem as they keep the use of racism in the news.
    To the family of the boy who was burned my heart and prayers goes out to them for his healing with out any damage to his eyes and throat.
    It does not matter what color of skin this thugs are but the fact they did this and I hope they are tried in adult court and not juvy.

  • I am outraged at how media headlines this awful act and forces it into a racial debate. It should read 16 year old teenage boys set fire to a 13 year old teenage boy…PERIOD! Does it really matter what color they were? Why arn’t people outraged at media for dismissing the awful thing that happen to his young man by putting more attention to color than this criminal act! Stop complaining about “words” and definitions and racial differences…complain about what’s important…this criminal act and how media is dismissing the real problem…teenagers out of control!!!!

  • I just wanted to point out that this has nothing to do with the George Zimmerman case a retaliation against that!!! I’m like the majority of the people coming on this I like to do a little research before I spew words out of my mouth. I’m also smart enough to realize not everything you read on the internet is true. that being said there’s a good chance of this story is just a hoax all around. I’m finding some of your stories with almost the exact same wording dating back to February of 2012. however I have found nothing that gives an update other than what has already been said and the above article.First if the story is true then yes the boys who committed the crime should be punished to the highest extent regardless of their skin color or why they did it! second if the story isn’t true and it’s just something to get people started talking about race issues well congratulations you have been given the story writer what here she had wanted. the longer we human beings no matter our skin color whether it is black white yellow red or freaking purple allow ourselves to be drawn into this controversy in this stupidity we will just continue to perpetuate hatred and ignorance. if we want to change and we strive for change it must start with in ourselves first do not allow yourself to be drawn into this do not allow yourself to to see if only color of skin, instead see things for what they are bad peopl doing bad things no matter what their skin color it

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